Have you always wanted to know the history of where your boarding, but no one has known the history? Well we have found that out for you, and if you keep reading you will be shocked by the history of this land.

David Strauch left Germany in 1858, landed in New York, and then came to California. He first settled in what is now the Robla area, and in 1862, he purchased land in the town currently known as Elverta. Strauch kept adding to his property until he had 1,100 acres, where he had a large dairy and raised grain and hay.


There were 13 children born to David and his wife, Magdalena (Miller). This photograph of the ranch shows Emma Strauch feeding the chickens, Henrietta (Gerhardt) Strauch standing by the horse, Charels. C.Strauch standing on the wagon, and Annie and Gustave Strauch standing by the wagon. (Couresty Bernice Lux.)

The Strauch Ranch, as it appeared in 1938, was located east of Levee Road, roughly midway between Elverta Road and Elkhorn Boulevard.


Strauch Road was named for the family, but the name was misspelled and the yet-to-be corrected sign still reads Straugh Road. Theere was even a Strauch Post Office for six months in 1895, named for the postmaster, Victor F. Strauch. (Courtesy Bernice Lux)